Eddie Jordan barricades entrance to Force India F1

They often use the term "F1 circus" euphemistically, but sometimes there's just no other word to describe some of the ridiculous things that go on at the pinnacle of motor racing. In this week's episode, we have news that former Formula One team owner Eddie Jordan has placed concrete blocks to barricade the access road leading to the headquarters of the Force India F1 team.

Jordan founded the team under his own name in 1991 and sold it to Midland in 2005, which in turn sold it to Spyker in 2006, who then sold the team to Force at the end of last season. Yet despite having been promoted at times as Russia's team, Holland's team and now as India's team, the actual headquarters has never moved from its location at the Silverstone race track in England. When Eddie Jordan sold off the team, he held on to some of the surrounding land through which the main access road leads. Jordan, who would now like to sell the land to the team but is claiming that Force India's management has refused to even discuss the matter, took things into his own hands recently and closed off the driveway. Just watch, they'll discover that the cinder-blocks he used were probably stolen from McLaren.

[Source: Autosport, Photo by Clive Mason/Getty]

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