U.S. Volkswagen plant to source 80% of parts locally

VW hasn't yet publicly committed to building one or even two factories in the U.S. (though it's apparently considering the South, specifically South Carolina), but is making statements that sound like it's definitely on the way. VW's head of production, Jochem Heizmann, has said that the requirements for a factory are that: it not be in a hurricane zone, it be near a major airport, and that there be "no other production car in the vicinity" -- or at least, Google Translate said that for him.
The factory that will might be coming in 2011 will also source, according to Heizmann, 80% of its parts locally, or at least, in the dollar zone, which again rules out a factory in Mexico. The first couple of years it will produce up to 150,000 cars, with full production being 250,000. The boon to whatever region is chosen should obviously be significant. The reason for all this, according to Heizmann, is that in addition to developing cars with U.S. tastes in mind, the current Passat is too expensive by at least $4,000.

[Source: Auto Bild via German Car Blog]

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