Get Sundance's Big Ideas for a Small Planet "Power" episode free on iTunes

Last year, the Sundance Channel premiered the show Big Ideas for a Small Planet. AutoblogGreen took a look at two Season one episodes in particular, Drive and Fuel, because they directly related to our daily topics. Big Ideas is back for season two and if you weren't convinced by our reviews last year that this is a show worth watching, then fire up iTunes for a free download of the Power episode (I'm not sure how to link to something within iTunes, but if anyone knows the secret, feel free to share. UPDATE: thanks for the link, david r.). Of course, you can always watch a lot of the show online at the Big Ideas website.
As you might guess, the Power episode is about renewable sources of energy. The 25-minute show takes a look at the Solar Decathlon and the way wind power is replacing coal in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania.

[Source: iTunes]

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