Update on GT-R tuning front: BBS offering wheels, HKS nixes speed-limiter, more

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Despite a slightly rocky start, the aftermarket in Japan has fully embraced the R35 Nissan GT-R. We've already reported on the trials and tribulations owners have faced when trying to throw on some new hoops or attempting to get past the Nissan-imposed 111-mph speed limiter, but as we suspected, both issues have been resolved post haste by the auto-obsessives across the Pacific.

HKS has begun selling a standalone speed-limiter defeat that plugs into the ECU harness and removes the 180 km/h governor, and, unlike other solutions from MINE'S and Amuse, it doesn't involve reflashing the ECU. However, the VAC unit isn't cheap at 120,000 yen (around $1,200 US).

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BBS is producing a limited run of LM-DBK-P wheels, sized 20x9.5-inches up front (+40 offset) and 20x10.5-inches in the rear (+20 offset) for the GT-R and like the VAC unit, the cost of exclusivity is prohibitive, with the full set coming in over $5 grand and only sold in Japan. After attempting to contact BBS, we haven't been informed how the company is getting around the wheel-speed sensors, but it shouldn't be hard to port them over from the stock rollers.

Finally, MCR wasn't particularly fond of the fact that the paddle shifters on the GT-R stayed at the 9-and-3 position when turning the steering wheel, so it's created a new hub and carbon fiber paddles that turn with the wheel. It's not clear if the stock wheel with all its gizmos can be retained with the modified paddles, but they've fitted a Nardi wheel in its place for track duty.

[Source: GTRBlog]

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