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Unplugged Performance, BBS offering flashy 21-inch Model S wheel upgrade

Owners of the Tesla Model S love their cars. They love the emissions-free driving, the luxury and technology, range, looks and especially, it seems, the performance. The Model S isn't just clean, it's fast and fun. Now, Tesla owners looking to give their baby some hot shoes have an enticing new option, as Unplugged Performance has announced a set of 2

Report: BBS files for bankruptcy... again *UPDATE

German wheel manufacturer BBS has declared bankruptcy, and it's not the first time. Back in 2007, BBS was plagued with financial difficulties but Punch International stepped in to provide much-needed capital. The news of a second bankruptcy, which was filed on December 30, apparently came as

Update on GT-R tuning front: BBS offering wheels, HKS nixes speed-limiter, more

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Nissan GT-R in detail.

Mazda releases MX-5 "Prestige Edition" in Japan

Click the image above for more high-res shots of the Mazda Roadster Prestige Edition.

BBS on the edge, but a lifeline is on the way

Back in February, we reported on the financial woes of BBS, the maker of delectable rolling stock for everyone from Michael Schumacher to our friend Mike and his Wolfsburg Jetta. Unfortunately, the high cost of aluminum sent BBS into receivership and depending on when you check in, over 35 companies have made bids to buy the preeminent wheel manufacturer. According to Marc Hornung, a lawyer involved in the potential sale, a buyer i

Ferrari puts pieces of its world champion F1 cars up for auction online

If you want to buy a piece -- or five -- of Ferrari F1 history, then be ready on May 10. The FerrariStore.com is hawking five pieces from late vintage F1 challengers, all of them World Championship winning cars: the front wing and side plates from the F2004, an F2003-GA rear wing side plate and closed left side panel (sidepod?), F2001 gearbox gears, and a rear BBS wheel from the F1-2000 and a carrying case. Each item comes w

BBS goes bust?

Although our German is a bit sketchy, a quick decoding of an article in Auto Motor Und Sport reveals that the wheel manufacturer BBS is in some dire economic straits.