Scion looking to expand, doubling lineup

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Scion sales have hit a slump in the last 17 months, with a peak of 175,000 units sold in 2006, the youth-marketed brand's sales have dipped to 130,000 vehicles last year. The solution will likely come from three new vehicles to be released in the next few years. Scion's veep, Jack Hollis, told Automotive News in an interview during the Big Apple bash, that Scion is "studying two or three models in conceptual form right now." Unfortunately, one of those was the Hako Coupe concept that was unveiled in New York and was met with considerable backlash from attendees and those of you following the show from home (check the comments Scion).

While a two-door xB was the prototypical answer to a question no one asked, Hollis questioned (out loud) what products are in the pipeline. "Could it be a truck? A hybrid? An SUV? A subcompact roadster? We are not limiting our search." We'll answer those for you: no, maybe, no and Hell yes. The Scion rep said that the current 130,000 mark is good for the three "core" vehicles in its lineup, but products that are more niche oriented – comprising annual sales around 20,000 to 25,000 units a year – are being seriously considered. If that means more models aimed at enthusiasts, something that's been sorely lacking since the brand's introduction in 2003, then we're all for it. The rumors of a RWD, Subaru boxer-powered coupe are still swirling and that could be a serious hit if Scion decides to bring in Stateside.

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