Meet the e-Snake, a DIY electric tilting 3-wheeled scooter

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Powered by lithium ion batteries and motivated by dual rear in-hub electric motors, the University of Padova has created the e-Snake electric tilting three-wheeler. The vehicle was entered into the Formula Electric and Hybrid Italy 2007 student competition, where it won awards for acceleration and speed, reaching 31 miles per hour. The e-Snake is capable of traveling 62 miles per charge (that's 100 kilometers for you metric types). Despite looking rather small, the machine reportedly weighs a not-insignificant 357 pounds, about as much as a beginner-friendly motorcycle.

Watch some of the videos here see the e-Snake in action, emitting green grass as it slithers down the road. This vehicle is pretty cool, and if you are in the market for an electric leaning three-wheeler, keep waiting just a little while longer as Vectrix is expected to introduce theirs shortly.

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[Source: The Scooter Scoop]

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