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Back in August, the Canadian company Fuel Vapor Technologies was one of the original teams announced as participants in the Automotive X Prize. In New York this week, a version of the company's entry vehicle, known as the alé, was on display during the announcement. Obviously designed for the alternative class - the three wheels give that away - the alé has been in development for two years and the prototype that uses a proprietary fuel vapor system and a standard internal combustion engine that has already moved the alé around at 92 mpg. Getting those extra eight or nine mpg to meet the X Prize's 100 mpge requirement shouldn't be too hard, as FVT plans on adding a series hybrid powertrain to the alé that will allow the car to use the batteries for most of the miles it covers. Once the X Prize is over, FVT plans on hand-building 100-200 vehicles a year and then possibly partnering with another company to make 10,000 units per year.

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