Toyota Prius isn't British enough for Lord Jones

We can understand why Lord Jones, Britain's trade minister, would want to be driven around in his Jaguar as opposed to a Toyota Prius. First of all, while we really do like the Prius, a luxury car it is not. Secondly, and more importantly (or so he claims) is that he should be seen in a British car. An argument could surely be made that at least one British automaker should offer at least one environmentally friendly car for Jones to choose, but where is this car? At least the Jag that he's likely to use is powered by a small 2.0 liter diesel engine. Still, all MP's in Britain are supposed to be driving hybrids and an exemption for Lord Jones because the Prius isn't British enough sounds pretty lame to us. CO2 doesn't care about borders.
[Source: What Car]

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