Madrid announces plans to ban polluting cars from city center

The City Council of Madrid, Spain, has unveiled plans to create a low-emissions zone in the city center which would ban polluting cars. This system is very similar to the ones implemented in several German cities and differs from Milan and London's option of an urban toll (or congestion charge).

If the measure gets the green light, only cars that accomplish the Euro III emission standards or higher would be allowed in the city center from 2010. Note that German cities require Euro IV and Diesel Particulate Filters for diesels. Residents might be exempted from this measure.

According to the City Council, this area will reduce NOx emissions by 47 percent, as well cutting particulate matter (under 10 micrometers) by 37 percent. Madrid's traffic accounts for more than 75 percent of NOx and particulate emissions in the city.

[Source: Europa Press via Econoticias]

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