Craigcat gas-electric hybrid boat runs for eight hours per gallon

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If you're looking to squeeze as much distance as possible out of a gallon of gas, you can try to build something like the 100+mpg Moonbeam. Or, you can head for the water. Longtime boat manufacturer CraigCat has added two hybrid boats to their lineup which the company claims can travel for eight hours on a single gallon of gas. The standard, non-hybrid CraigCats use a gallon every hour. The hybrid CraigCats cost between $5684 and $5998, depending on options.

CraigCat's Gary White said these boats are the first compact gasoline-electric hybrid boats in the world. Wind-diesel hybrids are, of course, nothing new. (Speaking of which, I wonder if wind-rowing can be considered the world's first hybrid combination.) The lightweight boat helps you save fuel on land, too. No need for a big SUV to tow this puppy. Pictures on the CraigCat website show both a MINI Cooper and a smart fortwo towing CraigCat boats.

[Source: CraigCat]

Press Release:

World's First Compact HYBRID Gas/Electric Boat

March 6, 2008 - Livonia, MI ----- Craig Catamaran Corporation proudly announces the arrival of the world's first compact hybrid boat, the "Craigcat Hybrid."

This super efficient hybrid will run for eight hours on less than a gallon of gas. The Craigcat Hybrid will be on display for the first time in Michigan, March 13-16 at the 16th Annual Spring Boating Expo.

The Hybrid is powered by both gas and electric, and is available in two models: the CraigCat Hybrid and the CraigCat E2 Hybrid. Both models feature an easily removable portable gas generator, which can be used for camping, fishing and hunting. Additionally, both models are equipped with deluxe seats for comfortable side-by-side seating, convertible bimini top for shade protection, and a powerful 55-pound thrust electric outboard motor for zero water pollution. The hybrid models are easy to operate and great fun in either fresh or salt water.

The E2 Hybrid has twin 55-watt halogen docking lights, two NAV lights, anchor light and a fishing rod holder for four rods and a cooler. Both boats are super-stable and unsinkable.

"We are excited to add such an efficient model to our line of compact powerboats. We have already seen tremendous interest from the marketplace," said Robert Craig, President of Craig Catamaran.

Craig Catamaran has been manufacturing the CraigCat in Orlando, Florida, since 1990. The patented design of the CraigCat focuses on the quality of the product and the quality of the ride. The CraigCat offers a small boat with stability and comfort. Both passenger and driver experience an exhilarating ride with confidence so that they are comfortable and relaxed. It is easy to operate, easy to trailer, and easy to launch. They are the ultimate in design and performance for any recreational boating use whether it's cruising, fishing, diving, or playing.

[Source: CraigCat Canada Inc.]

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