New York to break the green auto show streak?

Green concepts car and announcements have dominated every single major car show - except for Chicago - for the last year or more. Autoweek thinks that's about to change in New York. " The New York auto show will have an old-fashioned flavor. Instead of a long list of world debuts for hybrids and other gasoline-saving technologies, the show will concentrate on redesigns," writes Autoweek. While green pickings do look a little slim for the New York show and the last few major cars shows have show some cracks in the green, I have to disagree with Autoweek because there should be lots of green news at the New York Auto Show.

First, the New York show has the official start of the Auto X-Prize which will include news of the exact purse and the sponsors. A few of the teams will be there and the press is sure to eat that up. We certainly will. Second, Toyota might have more details about their hybrid plans. Rumors are floating around that the iQ, a mini to be released this year, might be a plug-in hybrid. Third and finally, a new focus on power and the economy should not exclude green technology. In fact, green tech is the perfect solution for more power and saving money.

I guess we will know in a week when the New York Auto Show begins Wednesday. Check out several videos below the fold about green cars at recent car shows.

[Source: Autoweek]

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