Diesel + LPG = WOW!

The guys over at the AutoSpeed website from Australia seem pretty excited about a concept I had never heard of before. According to them, mixing some LPG in with any kind of diesel will give you 25 percent more power, use less fuel, and spew fewer emissions. And to top it all off, the Australian government will pay for half the cost of the conversion. Crikey! Sounds great so far. It's been said by some that diesels are already better than hybrids.

A quick spin of the Google wheel tells me this is not a completely new idea and I saw some warnings of decreased engine longevity and the like. The article does mention that this particular system is perhaps more sophisticated in that the LPG is injected as a vapor via "electronically controlled and custom mappable professional LPG injection system". There are other companies apparently selling similar set ups in Australia such as Team Green Autogas.

So is this all some kind of kangaroo-pie-in-the-sky or are these blokes onto something? Hit the comments to let us know.

[Source: Autospeed]

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