Denver launches new Driving Change initiative

It's a well-known fact that the way you drive often has just as much impact on your fuel mileage as what you are driving. Lead-footing it between stoplights, speeding up and slowing down often and letting your car idle for long stretches will all negatively impact your fuel mileage. Would it make a difference to drivers if they could go back and view their habits and the effects that they had on their mileage after a trip was made? The City of Denver is hoping so, and they've just launched their new "Driving Change" initiative in an attempt to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of vehicles in the city. Participating drivers will be able to log into an internet site to review their driving habits and see how much greenhouse gas emissions they could eliminate themselves.

We like this program and hope that it proves successful enough to spawn similar systems across the rest of the nation.

[Source: Driving Change via Gizmag]

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