Think gas prices are bad? Diesel prices are worse!

Farmington Hills, MI, 3/10/08

We worry about gasoline prices, but a recent New York Times article reminds us that it could be worse. The article talks to truckers about the increase in diesel prices and how it's impacting them. The Times talked to Ricardo Caraballo, who said that even after spending $500 at the pump, his tank isn't even half full. Caraballo also said that not too long ago, "$500 would have kept me rolling for two weeks. ... Now, I'll be lucky to make it three days." Diesel is impacted more by global demand, the Times explains, and international demand is high. Diesel prices set a record recently of $3.83 a gallon. Trucking companies are already starting to fail and Chad Beachler, co-owner of Beachler Trucking, puts it bluntly: the price of diesel, he said, is "killing us."

[Source: New York Times]

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