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Congress blocks regulations requiring truckers to get more rest

Rollback of safety rules is a win for the American Trucking Association.

It's also a harbinger of further deregulation to come for the trucking industry.

Distracted trucker sentenced to prison for causing pileup

A London truck driver was sentenced to eight months in prison and had his license suspended this week after causing a massive accident on a North London highway while staring at his phone.

Chinese truckers try to stem flood with their trucks

A group of Chinese truckers sprang into action to save their town when a local levee broke and threatened the homes and lives of 23,000 of their fellow citizens.

Three-quarters of new vehicles could be autonomous by 2035

Fans of the iconic 1980 comedy flick Airplane! may smirk at the image of a blow-up "autopilot" materializing on the controls of the not-quite-doomed aircraft. Those folks (c'mon, we know you're out there) may now imagine a similar site behind the wheel of a long-haul 18-wheeler. Think of it at Zucker Bros. meets B.J. and the Bear. Or something like that.

Truckers Plans To Slow Washington Traffic A Hoax

3,000 tractor-trailer drivers have RSVP'd to block lanes on the Beltway

A protest involving more than 3,000 truckers blocking traffic in the heart of Washington D.C. has been revealed by one of the organizers as a hoax.

Truckers planning three-day slowdown protest around DC

Semi-trucks and their drivers are the lifeblood of our economy, hauling all the goods we use on a daily basis. A group of such truckers have decided to stage a protest against many of the current practices of our government. This weekend, the Ride for the Constitution (formerly called Truckers to Shut Down America) will lead a convoy of trucks to Interstate 495 around Washington, D.C. where they will drive 55 miles per hour taking up all lanes of traffic.

Local Motors wants your help designing the next Peterbilt big rig

No, that's not Peterbilt's new concept for a futuristic long haul truck you're looking at. It's an entry in the company's RIG2: Road Icon Generation 2 competition, a contest being run by Local Motors to develop new ideas in aerodynamic designs for Peterbilt semis.

NHTSA angling to make stability control systems mandatory on big rigs?

Automakers are legally required to install stability control to all new cars and trucks for sale to the public, but as of yet, there is no such law for commercial tractor trailer trucks. That may soon change, however, as the Associated Press is reporting that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is studying whether to mandate the safety system for all big rigs. Stability control systems utilize an array of sensors to detect imbalance and possible rollover. If a risk is de

BioTrucker card helps NBB get more biodiesel to truckers

Thank in part to Willie Nelson and Carl's Corner, long haul truckers were some of the first big proponents of biodiesel in America. The new BioTrucker Fuel Card will not only help eco-ready truckers to find service stations that sell the biofuel, but can also save them at least a little bit at the pump. BioTrucker, a National Biodiesel Board website, is now offering the card that is accepted at over 5,000 "truck stops and tru