Mess with the Ferarri and we'll take our prancing horse back

You may remember a post we did a year ago about some yuk that chopped a gorgeous 360 Modena to turn the once-beautiful supercar into a 166 mph limo. Ferrari hasn't forgotten what Dan Cawley, of Cheadle, Manchester did to its black beauty, and the Italian supercar maker is suing the Brit for infringing on its trademark. According to lawyers, Ferrari feels cutting the 360 Modena in half and turning it into a limo no longer makes it a Ferrari. Under the terms of the lawsuit, Cawley has 14 days to remove the Ferrari badging or he'll have to go toe to toe with the prancing horse's legal department.

While it ticks us off that a company would have the cajones to sue someone for modifying a vehicle that the person paid a lot of money to own, Mr. Cawley almost deserves the legal headache. Ferrari may be confident that it'll win the suit, but anybody with the funding to buy a supercar, cut it in half, and add 9.5 feet of carbon fiber body panels probably has the resources to put up a pretty good fight. We reposted the video of the half-finished stretch 360 Modena after the jump.

[Source: The Times]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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