VIDEO: Sexy Toyota Sienna commercial makes no sense

When most people drop $35,000 on a minivan, they don't suffer from the dillusion that the family hauler is sexy or cool. We're sure Toyota knows the Sienna is purchased mainly for its ability to transport human cargo in comfort and safety, but the Japanese automaker isn't above selling its minivan with humor. Unfortunately, Toyota's spoof of a Calvin Klein commercial isn't all that funny, but rather kind of strange. The only feature that's extolled in the automaker's 30-second pitch is the fact that the Sienna has a five star safety rating.

The catch line that's whispered as a voiceover says, "Somewhere between luxury and soccer practice lies Sienna." What does that mean? That the Sienna isn't exactly luxurious but it's designed for better things hauling the kiddies to practice so they can learn to bend it like Beckham? Maybe we're just cynics and like our minivans completely sex-free, so hit the jump to watch the video and tell us what you think.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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