Subaru may sell diesel WRX in UK, oil burners for U.S. likely

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We reported last month that a senior exec over at Subaru was "looking into" the possibility of offering a diesel variant of the WRX. Today, Autocar is reporting a similar story, and as the saying goes, where there's smoke... there must be a diesel.

Subaru has already unveiled the oil-burning version of its Legacy over in the UK, and Forester and Impreza versions are likely to hit sometime later this year in the same market. But Autocar's Subie sources are saying that a high-output version is being developed that should make around 200 hp and some pretty prodigious torque.

Thankfully, Subaru is also working on modifying the 2.0L diesel boxer mill so it can be sold here in the States, and some version is expected to hit our shores sometime in the next two or three years. Thanks for the tip, Steve!

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[Sources: Autocar, Subaru Insider]

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