Subaru may offer diesel version of WRX

Hot on the heels of news that Subaru will be showing off a 147-hp diesel boxer in the Legacy and Outback next month in Geneva, the Japanese automaker is rumored to be considering an oil-burner for its tuner favorite WRX. It appears Subaru may have a winner with its 2.0L turbo-diesel powerplant, too. During a test drive of the diesel Legacy, the UK's Autocar gushed that the sedan may sport the best diesel they've ever driven. Since Subaru is looking to improve its fleet-wide fuel economy, it makes sense that the engine would quickly make its rounds through the Subie lineup. The Forester seems like a logical target, and with 258 lb-ft and a compact footprint, the fuel-efficient powerplant would definitely work in the WRX.

Australia's Drive asked Subaru about a possible diesel WRX, and the company responded with the expected "we're looking into it". Of course they are. As fun and interesting as a diesel WRX sounds, the combo is likely the stuff of pixie dust and fairies of the dental kind for those of us living in the States. We almost never get the really interesting stuff here. That all could change, however, when the EU adopts emissions standards as strict as those in the US, making the transfer of diesel technology between the two as easy as pie.

[Source: Drive]

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