State intends to find out how much stress plug-in hybrids would put on grid

Judging by the vast array of plug-in hybrids at the past few auto show, it's reasonable to assume that at some point in the next ten to 15 years there could be millions of vehicles plugging into our nation's power grid. The Michigan Public Service Commission will be looking at this issue over the course of the next several years as part of its effort to assess the state and region's future power needs.
The MPSC will use real plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to judge how the vehicles will effect the power grid at different times of the day, and the study will also gauge the possibility of plug-ins giving power back to the grid during peak times. The MPSC is inviting Detroit automakers, the utility companies, advocacy groups and others to participate in the ongoing study, and the group's first report is scheduled to go public in June 2009.

If the plug-in electric vehicle is going to be a major means of future propulsion, it's good someone is studying whether our aging power grid can actually handle the extra load.

[Source: Detroit News]

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