Coming April 27: Mario Kart for the Wii

Those of you who have been waiting anxiously for a racing game to pop up for the Nintendo Wii will get your wishes granted on April 27 of this year. While some of us may prefer our racing games to be a bit more realistic, we're sure that piloting Mario, Luigi and Yoshi using the included Wii Wheel will make for good entertainment. Joining 16 existing tracks from past Mario Kart releases will be 16 brand new tracks. Players who have a broadband internet connection at home will be able to play online with up to 11 other racers. Also new will be the availability to choose between the classic go karts or new motorcycles. Those who enjoy taking their frustration out on unsuspecting fictional cartoon characters will be able to choose from ten different battle arenas.

In all seriousness, the Mario Kart franchise has been an excellent seller for Nintendo, and we have no doubt that the new version for the Wii will be quite entertaining for the entire family.

[Source: G4 via Winding Road]

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