Chevy Camaro to be a 2010 model, not 2009

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In a case of what appears to be semantics, Chevy has revealed that the Camaro will now be a 2010 model, rather than a 2009 model. The semantic part is that the car will go on sale in the spring of 2009, yet still be called a 2010 Camaro. The reason the car won't go on sale earlier in 2009 is because Chevy says "it would have meant a short model run before changeover to "10 production".

So we aren't sure how the car could go on sale earlier in 2009 unless Chevy began selling it in the rather un-Camaro-like season of winter. We also aren't sure why it matters whether they call it a 2009 or a 2010 -- people just want to take deliveries of their Camaros already. And we aren't sure what sort of apocalyptic upheaval takes places between '09 and '10 production.

Chevy: give us the Camaro. Please. Call it a 5150 or 10,000 B.C. model year car, we're not particular. To paraphrase the Bard, it isn't the model year that will be the death of us, it's the wait for the car. Just so you prospective buyers know, the convertible will go on sale a year later, in the actual year of 2010, and will also be called a 2010 model. Together, Chevy expects to move 100,000 units annually of the revived musclecar, if it ever gets here.

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[Source: Ward's Dealer via The Truth About Cars]

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