Micro-turbine hybrid bus meets Mickey Mouse

While spending the wee hours trying to dig up more information on a deal reported in The Earth News between micro-turbine maker Capstone and Italian bus builder Eco Power Technology, I came across an unexpected bit of news. According to a post by nbodyhome on Disney fan forum Micechat, a Designline bus has been doing some testing down at the home of the famous rodent in Orlando. Designline is the New Zealand manufacturer behind the solar powered Tindo bus and uses a Capstone micro-turbine in its hybrid designs. The Disney fans post includes pictures of the vehicle (above) and I can see Spanish moss in the trees so I know they weren't taken in New York City when this bus was tested there.

Somewhere, and I can't find my source now, I read Disney runs a fleet of over 250 buses in the Orlando area, so a move to hybrids would help the people living there breathe a little easier. I am surprised I couldn't find either a press release by Disney or Designline about the tests since "green" image projection is all the rage these days.

[Source: The Earth News / Micechat]

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