First-ever hydrogen energy technology master's degree program coming to Japan

In an announcement that surely heralds things to come, Japan's Kyushu University will be home to a new graduate program in hydrogen energy technologies. Other schools around the world have similar programs that deal with hydrogen as an energy carrier (there's a Sustainable Energy Technology program at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, to cite just one example), but Kyushu U says their program will be the only graduate program that deals exclusively with these aspects of using hydrogen, as listed by the Aberdeen Press and Journal:
  • Hydrogen energy utilisation and conversion.
  • Hydrogen production and supply.
  • Safety design technology for mechanical system and infrastructure.
  • Integration technology to optimise total system performance.
The university expects about ten students to make up the first class. They'll join a team of over 50 researchers at the school, which is a partner in Japan's Research Centre for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage.
[Source: Aberdeen Press and Journal via EDTA]

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