2008 Chevy Cobalt SS Sedan first look and pricing

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Chevy's Cobalt SS Coupe goes on sale soon, but the door count comes up short for some folks who would otherwise consider the turbo-fed modern-day Z24. Powered by the 2.0 liter turbocharged Ecotec four that does an uncanny impression of a small block V8, the Cobalt SS looks to offer a significant grin coefficient for $22,995. There's only a few options, this being a top-dog model. A limited-slip differential will help hardcore drivers power out of turns and costs $495, and the only other boxes to tick are for a sunroof, metallic paint, and a rear wing – all items we'd gladly omit to save weight and cost. In contrast to the equally-priced HHR SS, the Cobalt SS wears summer-only Continental tires and also carries a beefier brake package from Brembo. The porting of the hot rod powertrain to the four door bodyshell is another beacon of hope for those who find a two door impractical (ever tried to wrangle a baby seat into a coupe?) but still want to have some fun, and the reasonable price of entry makes the SS and its quick, competent performance an attainable domestic entry in the economy missile segment.

[Source: MotiveMag]

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