Toyota refutes WSJ fuel cell story

Recently the Wall Street Journal published a story claiming that General Motors and Toyota were both backing off on their fuel cell development efforts. It appears that in spite of quotes from GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe, fuel cells are still seen as the long term solution for on-board energy generation. Toyota communications boss Irv Miller has a new entry on the Open Road blog that corresponds with what Jaycie Chitwood and Bob Carter told ABG last month in Chicago. Toyota is still committed to the technology and has demonstrated the functionality. Their efforts now are focused on cost reduction. The other major issue - one that is outside of Toyota or GM's scope of responsibility - is the fueling infrastructure. It appears likely from what we've heard from multiple companies that widespread hydrogen availability won't happen first in the U.S. Places like China and Norway seem much more interested in making H2 a reality and will probably lead the way. Until that happens Toyota, GM, Ford, Daimler and other will press ahead on the vehicle side of the equation so that they are ready to go when the pumps are.

[Source: Toyota]

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