Nissan updates official GT-R global website

The Nissan GT-R has been an Internet and magazine sensation from the day the GT-R prototype was unveiled. While team Ghosn no doubt loves the free press, only Nissan could present the complete GT-R story from its 1969 beginning to today. Nissan has developed a global portal for enthusiasts and prospective buyers to drool over the GT-R, study the supercar's specs, and learn the history of Japan's four-wheeled golden boy. When you enter the site, go to "The World of Nissan GT-R" and click any of the red dots over Japan to travel the GT-R's decades long timeline of racing success. There are also plenty of pictures and videos for you to peruse, as well as links on all points of the globe where the GT-R story unfolded. If you have any interest at all in the GT-R, the site's worth the visit. Thanks for the tip, Chris!

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[Source: Nissan]

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