Olive pits, rubberized coconut and Abaca fibers? Must be Mercedes' organic additions

Mercedes has been working on putting bio-products into its cars for years, since well before AutoblogGreen got started. The company hasn't really been making any sort of announcements about its progress. Hence the lack of coverage of ACO here on ABG.
What's ACO? Why, that's my new name for the abaca fibers, coconut parts and olive pits that find their way into some Mercedes models. The rubberized coconut - a by-product of Brazil's coconut industry - is made into seat padding. The olive pits - also food waste - are crushed and carbonized and then used in air filters. And the fibers of the abaca plant (a kind of banana-like plant) are used as underfloor cladding of A- and B-Class cars. Newspress reminded us about the ACO products in Benz vehicles from the Geneva Motor Show, but you can get a solid background from this old post at Green Car Congress.

[Source: Newspress]

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