The Zero-Carbon Car: what it is and how it'll happen

The Zero-Carbon Car. It sounds so wonderful, doesn't it? All of the guilt one might feel about hurting the environment or funding unfriendly countries goes right out the window as you're cruising emission-free down the highway.
Author William H. Kemp has explored the idea. He has written a book, now available, on the Zero-Carbon Car with the subtitle "Building the Car the Auto Industry Can't Get Right." We haven't had a chance to review the book, but we can learn a lot about the text from the description on the website. The book explains that the problem is that there will be more vehicles on the roads in the coming years (up to two billion by 2050) along with a lack of truly sustainable gasoline alternatives. The only solution, according to Kemp, is a massive change in how society's think about cars and transportation, a shift to the Paradigm of Reality Convergence. Before we get there, Kemp provides us with instructions on how to build plug-in hybrids and pure EVs from plans in the book and online.

Kemp has also written books on biodiesel, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Thanks to Michelle M.

[Source: Zero Carbon Car]

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