Honda DN-01 automatic motorcycle arrives in Japan on March 7

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Back in October of last year, Honda announced that the DN-01 automatic motorcycle would enter production. Starting on March 7th, it will officially be on sale in Japan. When we first heard about the concept, we wondered how it would perform with its 680 cc V-Twin and new hydraulic transmission design. Since then, we've heard that the engine will make 61 horsepower, so think of this machine as a bridge between large maxi-scooters and entry-level sportbikes like the Ninja 500 or GS500. We expect that the DN-01 will have no problem handling daily commuting chores and the often necessary highway-drones, but don't expect to challenge any sportbikes on long straights. Handling will likely be a strong point, with 17" rims sporting 130/70 front and 190/50 rear tires combined with ABS for panic-free stops. We hope to get a chance to ride this bike, but can't help but wonder if the Aprilia 850 Mana is more appropriate for the American market.

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[Source: Honda]

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