Lithium ion-powered ThunderStruck bike sets new speed record

In mid-February, an electric bike built by ThunderStruck Motors and Lithium Technology Corporation raced a 1/8 mile course in 7.169 seconds, setting a new record of 93 mph in the 96 volt class. The previous record was 78 mph.
The electric drag bike uses 72 of LTC's 7.5Ah DD cells and has 2 kWh of available energy. Combine that with a bike the weighs just 53 pounds and you've got the recipe for a machine that will do the 1/4 mile faster than the bikes it was racing against, some of which had 240 volts of power. I'm still looking for a picture of the bike, but you can find the official announcement of the result after the jump.

Press Release:

Lithium Technology Corporation Powers Record Breaking Electric Vehicle

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa., Feb. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The electric drag motorcycle powered by Lithium Technology Corporation ("LTC") set a new record in the National Electric Drag Race Association (N.E.D.R.A) 96 volt class race on February 18th. LTC's cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology drove ThunderStruck Motors' bike across the finish line of the 1/8 mile race in 7.169 seconds at 93 miles per hour (mph). The previous record was 8.667 seconds at 78 mph.

"We are pleased to co-sponsor the ThunderStruck bike and lend our technology to a movement that increases public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and encourages advances in EV technology," commented Dr. Klaus Brandt, chief executive officer of LTC. "With this record breaking race, we have once again proven the superiority of our battery technology."

In addition to setting the record for the 1/8 mile race, the bike proved faster in the 1/4 mile than all the other bikes up to 240 volts. The battery behind the power and speed of the ThunderStruck bike weighs only 53 lbs. and consists of 72 of LTC's 7.5Ah DD cells, with a total of 2 kWh available energy.

"With the help of LTC we have taken a leap forward," stated Brian Hall, owner and operator of ThunderStruck Motors. "Unlike many companies that seemingly jumped on the lithium band wagon within the last few years, LTC has been has focused solely on the development and production of large format lithium-ion batteries for more than ten years. They can offer the product today that others only talk about being able to offer in the future."

N.E.D.R.A is made up of a coalition of drag racing fans, electric drag racing vehicle owners and drivers, EV parts suppliers and manufacturers, and other environmentally concerned companies and individuals who are also interested in promoting the sport of EV drag racing.

From racetracks to highways, to the depths of the ocean and up into space, LTC is powering the world in extraordinary ways. The Company manufactures a range of cells with two different types of chemistries. Both chemistries coupled with the company's innovative end-to-end manufacturing processes and proprietary design and assembly techniques, allow LTC to provide large high performance cells unmatched by any other product.

About Lithium Technology Corporation: Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) is a global provider of large format rechargeable power solutions for diverse applications, and offers the largest lithium-ion cells with the highest power of any standard commercial lithium ion cell produced in the western hemisphere. With more than 20 years of experience, LTC leverages its extensive expertise in high power and large battery assemblies to commercialize advanced lithium batteries as a new power source in the military and national security systems, transportation and stationary power markets.

LTC manufactures the GAIA(R) product line of large, high power hermetically sealed rechargeable lithium-ion cells and batteries. The Company's product portfolio includes large cells and batteries from 10 times the capacity of a standard laptop computer battery to 100,000 times greater. LTC manufactures a variety of standard cells that are assembled into custom large batteries complete with electronics (battery management systems) and electronics to communicate with other components of the system for performance monitoring.

LTC headquarters are located in Plymouth Meeting, PA and R&D in Nordhausen, Germany. LTC sales for the U.S. and European markets are managed out of each of the offices. For more information about LTC, its technology and products, please visit .

Safe Harbor for Forward-looking Statements:

The foregoing information contains forward-looking statements, which involve risks and uncertainties relating to such matters as financial performance, technology development, capital raising, business prospects, strategic partnering and similar matters. A variety of factors could cause LTC's actual results and experience to differ materially from anticipated results or other expectations expressed in these forward-looking statements. This notice does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale.

[Source: Lithium Technology Corporation]

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