Can't wait for the Tesla WhiteStar? You might be able to get an Acura TL EV, or not

The Tesla WhiteStar sedan is still at least a couple of years away from production (if not more). However a reader sent in a link to a site that purports to offer a Luxury Electric sedan. The car in question is an Acura TL shorn of its gasoline-fueled V-6 and converted to electric power. The site claims to have one working vehicle although there is no actual evidence of that. We'd like to see photos of the installation, for example. The converters claim to use lithium ion phosphate batteries which provide a 200-mile range and 2.5-hour charge time. The cost for the conversion is listed as $185,000 although we don't know if that includes the price of the car. We've contacted the company to try and get some more information and an update will be forthcoming on the off chance that they respond. In the meantime breathing should continue uninterrupted.

[Source: Potential Difference, thanks to Grant for the tip]

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