Nissan GT-R owners manual warns of messing with perfection

We just experienced firsthand the unbridled awesomeness contained within the body shell of Nissan's new ├╝ber-Mechagodzilla, the GT-R. Apparently, Nissan is a true believer in the car's kickassedness and would prefer if owner's didn't eff it up with superfluous wings, flares and other accoutrements that have no hope of making the car better than it already is. Those who have imported a JDM GT-R to the United States will find this page in their owner's manual that warns in no uncertain terms against pulling a Paul Walker on their GT-R. Just leave the car be, folks. You can't do better than what Nissan already did, so don't try.

UPDATE: Before you even ask, yes, you can get this on a T-shirt. Someone has already fired up to produce tees in both white and black (even more colors available if you hit "black" link) for $14.99. We've ordered six eight so far.

[Source: COBB Tuning Blog via Japanese Nostalgic Car]

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