Geneva 2008: 2009 Volkswagen Scirocco arrives early

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We can't follow where this particular embargo break began, but a pair of official embargoed images of the production 2009 Volkswagen Scirocco scheduled to be unveiled next week at the Geneva Motor Show has hit the interweb. As you can see, the Scirocco's design has changed dramatically from its days on the auto show circuit as the IROC Concept. Gone is the face only a Pokemon master could love, replaced with something more appropriate for public consumption. In fact, the Scirocco will be the first VW we've seen in a while without the double-decker grille treatment. Instead, a slim grille connects its headlamps that are set atop a wide swath of body colored molding before we get to the large lower air intake that also houses turn signals and fog lamps. The basic body shape and rear of this hatchback are, however, much closer to their concept counterpart. Designers were not only able to port over the strong character line that created a broad shoulder down the entire length of the concept, but they even made it more pronounced on the production version by adding a slight crease. From what we can see, the car is lower and wider than, say, an R32 or GTI, which officially makes it the VW hatch we've always wanted and, surprise, won't get.

UPDATE: Source of embargo break traced back to here and here.

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