A-Bomb: Ariel Atom to get 500-hp supercharged V8

With over 500 horsepower and only 1,150 lbs. to schlep around, there's only one possible reason not to lust after the Caterham RST-V8 Levante, and that's the love-it-or-hate-it "classic" styling. Fortunately, emerging reports suggest that RS Performance, the same outfit that shoehorned the supercharged micro-block V8 into the Super 7, is working its magic on another super-lightweight British track star: the Ariel Atom.

Like the Caterham RST-V8, the Atom 500 will feature the RS Performance 2.4-liter 40-valve supercharged V8 driving through a six-speed transmission with flat-shift ability. And just in case the Ariel Atom doesn't look extreme enough, the V8 version will get a bunch of carbon fiber bits and a different color scheme. Considering that the existing Honda-sourced 300-hp supercharged four gets the Atom up to sixty in under three seconds, the 500-hp version will melt your face off.

[Source: Motive]

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