Geneva '08 Preview: Bugatti Veyron Hermes under wraps

We told you about the Bugatti Hermès Veyron two weeks ago. At the time, it appeared the uber-special Veyron would just have an ultra high-end interior package. Now, with the first pre-Geneva peek of a Bugatti Hermès Veyron, we are learning the exterior may get some special touches, as well. Although the car in the picture is almost entirely hidden by a blue fabric car cover, two new vertical slats appear flanking each side of the grill, which obviously imply other elements of the Veyron's visage will also change. Are these the only exterior "upgrades" to the million-dollar-plus Bugatti Hermès Veyron? We'll let you know when we see it in Geneva next week. Until then, hit up the source below to see the car covered in full.

[Source: CarAdvice]

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