Geneva '08 Preview: Bugatti taps Herms for special edition Veyron

Click the above for a high-res gallery of the Bugatti Veyron from Geneva 2007.

When a vehicle costs $1.4m, can go 253 mph and has a lifetime production run of only 300 vehicles, it's a very special ride. How, then, do you up the ante to make the vehicle even more amazing? When you're talking about the Bugatti Veyron, more power than the stock 1,001 hp just isn't the answer, so the super-upscale automaker is looking to pile on even more luxury on the inside. Bugatti is tapping into its history to once again team up with Hermès on a ultra high-end interior package. Hermès, which became famous for its leather saddles in the 1800s, switched over to cars and planes early in the 20th century, and the company supplied materials for Bugatti in the '20s.

Bugatti is set to unveil the Hermès Veyron at the 2008 Geneva show, and we'll be there to snap pictures of the absurdly rare supercar right from the show floor.The Hermès Veyron will likely have a production run similar to that of the Pur Sang, which included all of five units, and sold out in less than one day. One would think that for $1.4m you would get the top of the line interior, but it looks like the richest and luckiest of society's elite will get their hands on this exclusive four-wheeled beast.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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