Ariel Atom-like-looks for fraction of price and performance

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear seems to think the Ariel Atom is perfect for middle-aged guys with a little extra cash and not enough foolishness for motorcycles. But most of the middle-aged guys we know have all their extra cash tied up not in little cars, but in little kids.

If you, too, are a family man who could never justify spending money on the impractical Ariel Atom, then this could just be the car (kart?) for you. The KG650cc is a 727-pound, two-seat go-kart powered by a 27.6-horsepower 644cc engine. That gives each horse about 26 pounds to carry, compared to the Atom's 3.3 pounds per horse. And at only 9 feet in length and 3-feet wide, even the cramped Atom has this kart beaten in comfort.

But hey, your neighbors don't know an Ariel Atom from a Corbin Sparrow. Just play the famous video of Clarkson making a fool of himself in the Atom, and no one needs to know you only spent about $8,100 on your little race car.

BONUS: Check out video of the Atom-like go kart after the jump.


The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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