Ford Fiesta hatchback has a good chance of coming to the U.S.

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Last week, Ford announced that their new B-class car that's coming to the U.S. for 2010 would retain the name Fiesta that's currently used for that car in the rest of the world. When the Verve concept made it's North American debut at the Detroit Auto Show last month most of the attention was paid to the new four-door sedan version. This was no surprise given American consumers seeming preference to that form factor. However, visitors to the show might have also noticed that the original three-door hatchback concept that debuted last fall at Frankfurt was also sitting nearby. It turns out that the hatchback had been touring European shows and was not originally planned to be shown here. However, new marketing chief Jim Farley, who recently moved to Dearborn from Toyota, had other ideas. According to a Ford source, Farley insisted that the hatchback be shown in North America alongside the sedan. Farley apparently supports the idea of selling the hatch here. Based on the comments to the posts on the production Fiesta photos here and on Autoblog, it seems that the majority of readers feel the same way. No decision has been made at this point, but chances look good for America getting a hatchback Fiesta as well as the sedan.

[Source: Ford]

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