Wrong Turn award: GM suggests Hummers are just tools to get a job done

Oh, GM, give it up.

In today's USA Today there is an article about how sad it is that people don't understand just how utilitarian a Hummer is. I mean, listen to Mark LaNeve, vice president of sales, service and marketing for GM North America, who said, and I'm serious, that, "No one criticizes a bulldozer for its gas mileage. That's because it's built to do a job."

Wow. I bet he said that line with a straight face, too.

I mean, how could anyone possibly think that a Hummer H3 was an image vehicle instead of something we only use for work? Just watch the GM ads for this totally serious work vehicle below the fold. Can't you see all of the work going on in these commercials. I swear, there are hard hats everywhere. C'mon people, it's obvious. Geez.


I think theres a saying about making beds and then the requirement to lay in them. If GM doesn't want to take a bunch of crap for building Hummers, there are two things they can do: One, make them get like 30+ mpg or, two, stop building them. A biofuel Hummer HX concept here and there isn't going to cut it. Until one of these things happens, you can bet the "Hummer salute" will remain in vogue.

[Source: USA Today via Winding Road]

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