Ford funnelling $58 million to China venture

Ford's not seeing GM-level success in China yet, but its joint venture, Chang'an Ford Mazda, is among the top ten selling automakers in China. The popularity of the Focus and S-Max have bolstered sales by 60 percent since last year, and the new money will be used to facilitate more production. Chang'an Ford Mazda is a three-way split between Ford Motor China, who will throw $20.3 million into the pot, Chang'an Auto, contributing $29 million, and Mazda, which is kicking in $8.7 million. The idea is to sell more than the record 217,000 units sold last year. A new factory was recently opened and can build 160,000 small cars for Ford and Mazda, too. Full-throttle capacity for Chang'an Ford Mazda is a tick over 400,000 cars, and it looks like the Chinese market is the next gold rush for automakers with sales growing by big numbers for Ford, and expected to rise further.

[Source: Inside Line]

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