Chrysler to offer Europe a diesel 300C in SRT trim?

Europeans often get the cool diesel stuff that we only wish we could get here. We're not totally sure that what we've got here is a perfect case, though, as the engine that Chrysler is considering dropping into the SRT 300C is the same 3.0 liter as in more pedestrian versions of the sedan. It's not that 218 horsepower and 376 lb. ft. of torque is low, it's that a performance version of the sedan should get a higher performing engine. In all honesty, we'd take the diesel engine in any exterior wrapping that we could get in the States, so we do wish it were coming here, but for you European purchasers, there's not too much reason here to choose the SRT over the standard 300 with the diesel option unless you like the sportier looks. While we're talking about cars we can't get here, why not bring up the 300C Touring? Thanks for the tip, Zeyad!

[Source: Top Gear]

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