Paramount Performance offers 65hp V8 Vantage upgrade

Make no mistake about it, the V8 Vantage is an unspeakably beautiful car. Sure, it looks like every other contemporary Aston Martin, but it's arguably the best application of the theme. Unfortunately its performance falls a little short of some of its competitors. So while we wait for news from Aston Martin on its tantalizing V12 Vantage RS concept hitting production, Paramount Performance has come out with a series of modest upgrades to the smallest of Astons to give it a performance edge.

Paramount offers a remapped ECU along with new catalytic converters, exhaust and suspension kit. Paramount claims the reprogrammed chip is good for an extra 35hp, the exhaust an extra 20 (while shaving 15kg off the curb weight) and the cats another 20 horses. The full package is available in the UK for a pre-tax price of £4840, or buyers can purchase each component separately. There's also a rather useless-looking carbon fiber engine cover for £499 installed, and Paramount offers similar mods for everything from Ferraris and Bentleys to Subarus and Jeeps. Thanks to Youri for the tip.

[Source: Paramount Performance via Yissels Supercar Blog]

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