NIMBY: regional goverment in Spain is against CO2 capture facilities in territory

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain has just announced that they aren't going to accept the installation of any CO2 storage facility in its territory until further notice.
Castilla-La Mancha might accept an exception in case of a broader consensus among all the administrations, including local municipalities. But the default answer for such a proposal will be "no."

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, in collaboration with the European Union, had announced plans to install such a facility in the province of Ciudad Real, together with the existing project in Cubillos (Castilla-León). Castilla-La Mancha has asked for a total interruption of this project and has demanded more information on the projects as well as taking them in consideration for such projects.

[Source: Junta de Castilla la Mancha via Agroinformación]

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