Missed out on Prius tax credit? $12,000 hybrid tax credit now available

The tax credits that the federal government offers for buying hybrid vehicles are tied to sales. As the sales of any given model exceed 60,000 units total, the tax credit is phased out. The Toyota Prius is no longer eligible for federal tax credits, although some states still offer money back. Fortunately other manufacturers haven't yet sold as many hybrids as Toyota and are still eligible.
One of those is Peterbilt. Peterbilt offers a hybrid system developed by Eaton on some of their class 6, 7, and 8 medium and heavy duty trucks. The class 6 and 7 trucks are are eligible for tax credits of $6,000 and $12,000 respectively. These machines won't fit in most garages but if you have a need for a utility boom truck or you need to deliver furniture, these vehicles should save you some money on fuel costs. You can even get a class 8 tractor trailer with the hybrid system. Interestingly, unlike any of the current crop of automotive hybrids, the Peterbilts actually use lithium ion batteries. No plug-ins though.

[Source: Peterbilt, thanks to Mike for the tip]

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