Why boaters hate ethanol

Photo: Flickr/lemoncat1 -- Creative Commons 2.0

"BOATERS BEWARE" is how a Portland, Oregon's local news KGW NewsChannel 8 report begins. What's the big threat? E10, which is gasoline blended with just ten percent ethanol. It seems, the report says and AutoblogGreen readers will remember, that when water gets into a fuel tank with E10, it can cause the engine to stop working. Old fiberglass tanks are the most susceptible to problems. The report recommends buying a filter and says the state government probably won't back off mandating E10's use. Water getting in the fuel tank is a big problem no matter what fuel you put in, but there is a small amount of water in most ethanol, which most older boat motors can't handle.

[Source: KGW News Channel]

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