Primafuel's Rahul Iyer: "Biofuel policies are facing a dramatic shift"

Rahul Iyer of Primafuel was at the World Ag Expo in California last week speaking about the new challenges facing biofuels. Based on what he said, we can understand that there are new requirements for biofuels to be truly green alternatives to fossil fuels.
First of all, he starts speaking about the new orientation biofuels have in California. "In 2005 in California [...] adopted the Global Warming Solutions Act," he said. "The intention of this regulation was to create a technology-neutral market for low-carbon fuels." Instead of stipulating percentages for ethanol or biodiesel use, the intent is to reduce net carbon content of fuels by ten percent by the year 2020. California doesn't "care what technologies you use to do it, you just have to prove to us that you're doing it."

Iyer then says that Renewable Fuels Standards will, once they're passed, look remarkably similar to the new European low-carbon fuel standards. Iyer foresees low carbon fuels gain greater efficiency going from the farm to the fuel tank thanks to better technology.

[Source: Domestic Fuels]

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