The European Parliament passed a resolution last Tuesday supporting a mandatory blend of biofuels at European pumps. At the same time, it declared its intent to investigate to make sure those biofuels are environmentally sustainable. Thirdly, the Parliament passed a non-mandatory resolution stating that the best way to reduce CO2 emissions is to reduce fuel consumption. This resolution includes an amendment that states nuclear energy should not be considered to reduce CO2 emissions.

With this resolution, the Parliament supports the European Commission plan of a mandatory 10 percent blend of biofuels in fuel by 2020 but adds the condition to make them using sustainable methods. The resolution includes a proposal for a compulsory certification system declaring the source of biofuels, both local and imported. Although they wouldn't be banned, "bad" biofuels could never benefit from tax exemptions or European funds.

The accompaining resolution about fuel consumption states that "the automotive industry should stop focusing so much in biofuels and focusing more in low-consumption vehicles, as well as electric vehicles and hydrogen".

[Source: EFE via Agroinformacion]

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