Smart owners waiting patiently for their cars

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We've heard stories that people are starting to receive their Smart cars here in the U.S., but with some 42,000 total deposits made, those of you who were a little late to the game are probably still waiting. Even some who were quick on the draw with their order have not gotten their cars yet. John Schwartz from The New York Times is one such person. After reading through the comments to his post describing the delay, it seems that many people are frustrated that it's taking so long for their cars to arrive, which is understandable. We hope that most of the early adopters can wait for their machine without canceling their orders, but for those of you who want to fast-track your way to the front of the line, consider looking around for a canceled order at dealerships close to you. It's a long shot, but at least one commenter at the Times got theirs this way.

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[Source: The New York Times]

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